UCONN Home Oak Creek Modular Homes

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The homesite is prepared, an engineered foundation is built and the home is erected on the foundation. Most fittings, plumbing and electrical have been in place before the modular home leaves the factory. Were well aware that most current construction practices consume a huge amount of natural resources and we want to take part in changing that.

Modular homes are designed based on the particular needs of the individuals and will provide a housing space that can resist the side effects of transportation as a number of them are built in a manufacturing plant and soon after are moved to the required location. Here at Vertical Works, weve been doing our part in revolutionizing the Modular Home process.

Our expertise in building to the highest-quality standards is evident throughout our complete line of homes. Due to the fact Oak Creek, WI modular homes are built under climate controlled factory conditions, material loss is kept to a minimum.

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